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 Intensive Christian Marriage Retreats Transforming and Restoring marriages one couple at a time.

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    George Hartwell M.Sc. - Experienced  marriage counselor

  • caring empathic therapist

  • 30 years marriage counseling experience
  • Masters degree - University of Calgary
  • accountable to a board of reference

"It is my joy to me to see marital bonding restored s I often see that happen at a Christian marriage retreat." George

  A Christian marriage counselling retreat transforms lives while restoring love, connection and bonding to couples.  I enjoy seeing 'little miracles' happen in people's lives.  Life transformation of personality and identity is one of my niches.  Couple work takes dedication and persistence but I have helped couples that others were willing to give up on. 

Contact George: (416) 234-1850       1 (877) 854-3990     

Office address: 123 - 1454 Dundas St. East, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4X 1L4.

Airport: Pearson International Airport YYZ in Toronto, Ontario.

More about Christian Marriage Retreat 

  •   It is one couple at a time,

  •   Fee of $720 per day of therapy,

  •   You choose the number of days. 

  •   A full day is 6 hours of therapy  

Purpose of Christian Marriage Retreat is to create move from crisis to healing

  • to establish or restore bonding

  • to have empathy for the other,

  • to understand personality differences,

  • to learn to listen to the other,

  • to learn clear and clean communication.

Agenda of a Christian Marriage Retreat

  • Identify counselling goals,

  • Clarify primary motivation of each person,

  • Clarify the background life cycle,

  • Get the couple communication cycle on the table,

  • Learn to share the soft feelings associated with attachment and connection,

  • Learn to defuse relationship wounds,

  • Learn to acknowledge each other.


Options on Location of an intensive retreat

  1. Stay near my office and attend 6 hours of therapy sessions with me at my office - the least expensive and the most favoured option.


marital bonding and couple connectionchristian couples retreats

Booking your intensive marriage retreat:

  1. Phone George Hartwell (1 416 234-1850) for a consultation about the value and feasibility of your retreat and the costs.  Or .

  2. Book dates with George and put in a deposit to hold your booking.  Nonrefundable deposit is 1/3 of the therapy fees.  The remainder due on arrival at the retreat.  For travel option travel is arranged and paid in full by client.


More detail about a Christian Intensive Marriage Therapy with George Hartwell

George Hartwell M.Sc. - Christian counsellor - provides intensive marriage therapy so that a couple may invest enough resources in a short time to reverse a marital breakdown.

If you are in a crisis situation a set of sessions can be arranged within a few weeks.  I am is willing to work on Saturday and Sunday as well as Monday through Friday to make it work for you.

Usually the intensive therapy is done at my office.  Sometimes I will come to your location if there is a good office to meet in and a place for me to stay that is not the client's home.  This involves extra costs for my travel, meals and accommodation.

Generally there are very good reports from intensive marital work.  Couples report that issues are addressed in depth and thoroughness that was not possible with weekly one hour sessions.  I recently worked with a couple who had accessed at least 6 different counsellors in the duration of their marriage.  They were pleased and felt positive with the results they experienced after 15 hours of intensive work over a weekend.

Couple therapy is very much focused on communication and resolving those issues that hinder deeper attachment, allow deeper bonding and resolving blocks to trust.  My tools and skills at individual life transformation are usually in the background unless the clear agenda is to address individual root issues.

On one occasion two pastors observed as I worked for a week with a couple where individual transformation was called for.  The two pastors had worked with them (using a deliverance model) for over a year.  The elder pastor observed: "This has been quite amazing. It has seemed to short-circuit stuff quite immensely. It has been very powerful, useful and exciting to see it go.  You have achieved what we died not achieve."

The younger man observed: "The nice thing from my perspective is that out of the many things in a person's past and in the aspects of yourself that you are not even aware of, Jesus leads just exactly to the spot that needs to be dealt with. It gets dealt with and then you are to the next spot.  So the precision in dealing with what has to be dealt with is a nice part of this."

My Board of Reference will provide life references if you phone them.  Here are some clergy who have known me from a small prayer group and my Board of Reference:   

I highly recommend George as a man of integrity, and would have no trouble recommending him as a wise counsellor.  Rev. Andy Leroux

"I recommend George as a counsellor. He is a wise man with much experience."  Rev. Bill Comerford

On reflecting on their intensive marriage sessions one woman wrote: "Our weekend with George proved to be a great springboard to learning more about each other, and how to then use what we learned to better communicate and appreciate each other's point of view.  It's amazing how much our history shapes us - and then again, how much we forget to share our history with each other. It's the seemingly insignificant points that actually become like a spot light shedding vision on how to better become one."


The romantic setting of Niagara Falls is an option for your intensive Marriage Retreat

Christian couple retreat

Christian couples retreats


You a stay at Niagara-on-the-Lake - a quaint town near romantic Niagara Falls.  You will find yourself in a  quiet Ontario town that feels like going back in time. You could have supper overlooking Niagara Falls.  Visit the butterfly conservatory and other beauties and attractions there. 

About Individual Life Transforming Therapeutic Retreat

George Hartwell M.Sc. is an experienced Christian counsellor who provides intensive therapy for an individual with wants to invest in concentrated work on their life to get at significant issues that have not yielded to regular counselling or prayer therapy.

I have a track record of not getting stuck but always having options to work with people.  I have a high degree of professional training and experience and a high level of skill in life trasnforming inner healing prayer therapy.

By God's grace, a counsellor's experience and some form of listening prayer therapy, lives are transformed.  Intensive work is often required to get the breakthrough but breakthroughs do come even when I am working with life-long patterns of deeply rooted issues.

Peggy-Lynn writes: "My mini-retreat was a 12 hour commitment of two days and it effected me so profoundly that I feel healed and whole. The retreat brought me back to life."

To book an individual healing retreat phone me (1 877 854-3990) to see if it is appropriate for your situation. When you want to move ahead arrange the dates with me and provide a deposit to book the time of 1/3 of the full therapy fees.


For more information about individual life transforming retreats and Personal Christian retreats retreat for individuals phone 1 877 854-3990 or e-mail:  georgeh@inte  erlog .com

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