Counseling Fees

Mr. Hartwell provides a full therapeutic hour.  Not 50 minutes.

The fee per hour is $100.00.

Allowances are made for those who would benefit from Mr. Hartwell's service but cannot afford the full fee.  Allowances are made on a case by case basis.

Fee for Services

Office sessions with Mr. Hartwell may be 90 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the situation.

Marriage counseling sessions are always set at 90 minutes to lessen the frustration of the weekly 50 minute hour on couples.  90 minute sessions are $150.00 (Canadian).

Mr. Hartwell often provides more intensive therapy work with couples.  These sessions may involve 6 hours per day.  The day is divided by breaks and time for a meal.  This is what is meant by a therapeutic 'retreat.'  A full therapy day is $600.  (Discounts available upon request.)

Mr. Hartwell provides some individual phone counselling.  These sessions are usually 60 minutes long.  They are paid for by credit card (PayPal system) or bank transfer and, sometimes, by cheque.  Phone sessions are $100.00.