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What is deliverance?  How is that different from 'gentle deliverance' as practiced by George.

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"They that call upon the Lord shall be delivered." This means rescued, as in the police arrived and rescued her from her attacker.  Yahweh delivered the descendants of Abraham from oppression in Egypt using the leadership of Moses.

Christians think of being delivered from evil spirits as when Jesus (Matthew 10:8) commands and authorized his 12 disciples to "cast out demons." When a demon is cast out, one is rescued from oppression be a force of evil.

Deliverance practices:

1. I avoid what Neil Anderson calls the 'Power Encounter'

The Power Encounter model of pentacostal / charismatic deliverance - casting out demons - attempts to model the New Testament description.  Typically a group of  people pray, bind, command, annointed with oil, praise and enter a prolonged battle with demons that lasts for hours. The result tired the saints, often dismayed the target and may even have attracted demons with all the attention.

If you observe a Spirit-lead inner healing session lead by myselff you will find that foundational issues are targeted and healed quickly and deliverance occurs as a natural outcome of dealing with the strangholds that way.

2. I Practice 'Gentle Deliverance'

I call my procedure 'Gentle Deliverance.' It is more restful for all concerned. It does not confuse and abuse the client. It gives minimal attention to demons. Therefore, it avoids the very real danger of attracted more demons because of all the attention given to demons in the Power Encounter method.

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