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Testimonies therapeutic retreats & sessions with George

Brian D of Staynor policeman of 25 years after couple's retreat:

"The benefits of this retreat far exceeded my expectations. The fears I had were not justified. I am pleased with a newer understanding of myself. I am very much more comfortable in my relationship with God."

"I can honestly say that I feel I was walking in darkness; that I was searching. And I believe I have learned how to pray and as a result I have stepped out of the darkness. I am very grateful."

Peter and Cathy of Toronto write:

Thank you for your dedicated counseling over the last year. Your insights, words of wisdom and gentle appraoch to our personal and marital needs and problems brought great change to our our lives. We personally feel much better about ourselves and our relationship.

Another couple writes:

Dear George,
Being in your presence, as you reflected the unconditional love and acceptance of our Lord Jesus, allowed the healing process to begin for us. As our week on retreat progressed, I was amazed at the ease and speed at which we found ourselves miraculously in touch with, and being healed of strongholds and root issues. The Lord himself was guiding our sessions. What happened here in one week, through your prayer counseling methods coupled with your love, would have taken years to happen&ldots;if ever.
Thank you George from the bottom of our hearts,

Gene A. (Toronto, Ontario) writes after individual sessions:

"I desperately needed someone to talk with and help me work out the struggles that I was facing. George was the first therapist I had ever sat down with and with him I felt completely relaxed. His healing prayer therapy had a tremendously positive effect on my life; I literally was freed from strongholds that were at work in my life. I am very grateful to George and sincerely recommend him."

Sharon D. (Beaton, Ontario) writes after individual sessions:

"When I started counselling I knew theoretically that emotional healing was possible but I did not believe it in my heart. I dared not allow myself to hope for fear of disappointment. Six months later, I am amazed at the results. Not only has God given me tremendous insight into my emotional scars and the lies I had believed, He has also replaced these with His truth.
I have experienced phenomenal healing and am now confident that complete healing is possible in the immediate future. The added bonus is that, throughout this process, Jesus has become very real, personal and dear to me."

Madeline R.  (Toronto, Ontario) wrote after individual sessions:

"My birth was at the very time that my mother was in grief over the loss of her mother. It seemed that I was born at the wrong time; that I was a pain. I became super responsible – thought everything was my fault.  However, in a prayer encounter, I saw God the Father proudly holding me in his arms and showing “His daughter” to everyone. There was a welcome party at my birth! A celebration!
This brought an explosion of joy and new life to my heart. Now, instead of shrinking away from life, I want to come forth. I have much less feeling of depression and of giving up on life."

Wendy M,  (Orillia, Ontario, Canada) writes after individual sessions:

George, I found it hard to put my thoughts into words but I hope this helps and is what you are looking for.
"I had struggled for years with these feelings:  vagueness, confusion, misunderstanding, anger, sadness and insecurity to name but a few.

I guess I was surprised that I could have an encounter with God so easily and that He was so willing to heal me right then, right there. I realize now that I had an incomplete understanding of God and who He was and looking back, a great deal of unbelief about what God could to and wanted to do.

I believe George's faith has been and is instrumental in Listening Prayer Therapy.  It is he who guided me and instructed me in how to listen to God and to have the same faith in what I was experiencing.

I know in my heart that God is Love, He loves me, He is on my side and is always there for me.  For my part, I need to be honest with Him and totally open, He does the rest.

 I always thank God for George and how he has helped me and my family.  He is able to lead me through my confusion and distractions to an encounter with the Living God in whom there is abundant life and healing!  Praise God!" Love Wendy

Elizabeth F. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) individual support sessions:

I came to George in a lot of pain, feeling desperate and looking for answers. George helped me to come to an understanding of myself and how to better handle my situation.
George, your support and guidance in this time of crisis has been valuable and much appreciated.

For more supportive information about client's experience with sessions or retreats with George check out my Board of Reference.

Here are some comments from clergy who know me well:

 "I have known George for many years ...as friend and colleague. I highly recommend George as a man of integrity, and would have no trouble recommending him as a wise counsellor. George is a very trustworthy man and has many years of experience and wisdom in the area of counselling. ... It is with conviction that I recommend George as a highly skilled and trained counsellor.

I remain yours truly, (Rev.) Andy Leroux. (Anglican Priest)"

2.   "I recommend George as a counsellor. He is a wise man with much experience.

God Bless, Bill" (Fr. Bill Comerford - Catholic Priest)

George Hartwell is a Christian counselor who provides: Christian counseling personal therapy retreats for individuals and Christian marriage counselling intensive retreat and couple retreats.  George's therapeutic retreats are for individual and couple work and are not the same as a marraige weekend for groups.

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