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     "Only God can heal my life."

      George Hartwell:

  • experienced marriage counsellor

  • 30 years clinical experience
  • Masters degree from University of Calgary
  • warm empathic person

    Phone: (416) 234-1850
    123 - 1454 Dundas St. East, Mississauga

George is a masters level marriage counsellor offering 3 to 5 day personalized couple therapy retreats dedicated to seeing marriages healed and transformed.  His experience and skill make these very effective.  See the testimonies.

    George provides regular professional sessions (90 minutes) or more intensive life transforming therapy days (6 hours) for individuals.   About Fees.   E-mail George
    Intensive sessions, 6 hours of therapy in a day, 'get changes happening now.'

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About George Hartwell M.Sc.

Mr. Hartwell holds 40 years of clinical experience and holds a Masters degree from the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Calgary.

  1. 30 years of clinical experience that means things get dealt with quickly and accurately, more gets done in less time, sessions are interesting and relevant and more gets accomplished than one imagines is possible.  Phil writes after phone sessions: "I really wish our counselor was more like you, and could get right to the root-cause of our problems and how to deal with them."

  2. Master's Degree Qualifications provides confidence that you are working with a professional - Mr. Hartwell holds Masters of Science degree is in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary.

  3. George's Training in a variety of modalities - Reality Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Psychodrama, family therapy, group therapypsychological assessment

  4. Mr Hartwell is trained in Christian counselling at Tyndale College, Life Transformation from John and Paula Sandford,  Listening Prayer Therapy from Leanne Payne and Level Three Inner Healing from Art Zielstra and John Regier.  Inner healing in professional practice means that prayer therapy methods are used (without neglecting other professional training, ethics and methodology. 

  5. Life experience means that your therapist has understanding and empathy from the point of view of someone has been in painful experiences too. This means that I do not think I am perfect or have all the answers.  I know life is going to have many crisis and surprises.  I have found that in my life.

  6. George's Board of Reference includes professionals and lay people, men and women, all who know him. This is another level of assurance of professional quality care and professional standards backed by very real accounatability. Complaints or problems can be reported to these people. Rev. Andy Leroux comments: ""I have known George for many years ...as friend and colleague. I highly recommend George as a man of integrity, and would have no trouble recommending him as a wise counsellor."

  7. Testimonies of my professional services indicate that people find retreats exceed their expectations and that people in therapy are often amazed or pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of Listening Prayer Therapy.  Wendy writes: "I always thank God for George and how he has helped me and my family.  He is able to lead me through my confusion and distractions to an encounter with the Living God in whom there is abundant life and healing!  Praise God!"

  8.   For more about Christian prayer therapy - Life Transformation Therapy

Visit www.HealMyLife.com for another web site about George Hartwell, his professional services, and his articles.

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Contact: (416) 234-1850   Office: 123 1454 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario. L4X 1L4

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