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Listening Prayer therapy            Leanne Payne Listening Prayer Therapy

Leanne Payne: introduced the Book Title of Listening Prayer and is one of George Hartwell M.Sc mentors in Christian Prayer Therapy.

Listening Prayer Therapy and Leanne Payne

Leanne Payne: Teaches Christian inner healing through the presence of God; has written The Healing Presence and Listening Prayer.

Leanne Payne teaches the importance of listening prayer and practicing the presence of God.  See Prayer Therapy Principles.

She supplied the insights, the theological foundations and encouragement to use listening prayer for inner and emotional healing. By doing this, she laid the framework for professional Listening Prayer Therapy.  I consider her one of my key mentors in inner healing.

Leanne Payne provided a foundation to Life Transformation through Listening Prayer and through practicing the Presence of Christ.

    Leanne Payne, of Pastoral Care Ministries, learned to practice the presence of God as the way toward healing. She says: "I was learning to see the invisible with the eyes of my heart, to hear the inaudible with the ears of my hears. In other words, I had come to rely on God's Healing Presence with His people." (The Healing Presence, page xv)

    Those who follow her lead develop deep confidence in God's faithfulness to speak to us when we ask Him to and we listen. God will speak in story and image when that is how we need to receive. God is faithful to heal and set us free when that is what we want and what we ask. Therapists who practice the listening process become skilled in finding ways to encounter the 'God Who Heals' in the way that is appropriate for each one.

    Christ-centered marital counsellor and prayer therapist resolves problems in your marriage at an inner healing retreat. Let God's Holy Spirit heal your life at inner freedom retreats. Learn self-help counseling prayers from our marriage counselor. See: Agape Christian Counselling, Toronto, Ontario.

    See: Biblically based Prayer Therapy.

    Leanne Payne's focus on practicing the presence of God means not to attend overly to the demonic

    In Listening Prayer Therapy the focus is Christ not demons. My mentors, John and Paula Sandford, avoided focusing on the demonic. I am following this is a good pattern.

     Leanne Payne warned against binding principalities - a practice that it is wise to avoid like the plague. See the book review in her latest newsletter re a misguided focus on the demonic. Read John Paul Jackson's book: "Needless Casualties of War."  See my article on 'Spiritual Warfare' on www.HealMyLife.com.

    She says: "For the last three decades we in PCM have had to deal with the extraordinarily grievous effects that misguided practices of spiritual warfare have had upon Christian leaders, communities, and families, and most particularly upon children growing up in homes where an all-consuming focus on the demonic has crippled the formation of their minds and imaginations. To see evangelical leaders such as C. Peter Wagner and others dress up these unscriptural ideas and methods in pseudo-technical language and then give to them a universal platform has been and continues to be for us among the gravest of concerns. (We need to) call for nothing less than a return to a Christian worldview, and to the wisdom and knowledge that come with the empowering of the Holy Spirit."

    Thank you, Leanne Payne for giving me an important wake up call.  I repented of these practices after your teaching.  I turned from the demon attracting form of "spiritual warfare" that I had been taught.  I could see that I had 'shot myself in the foot' with these practices.

    I observed that fellow Christians who followed this practice struggled with marriage breakup, financial ruin and health problems.

    I also that John Paul Jackson for his book: "Needless Casualties of War" which gives a thorough teaching on demonic attracting spiritual warfare.  God bless you both!


Some of the Books written by Leanne Payne

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The Broken Image Leanne Payne

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Crisis in Masculinity Leanne Payne

Listening Prayer Leanne Payne

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