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Fees for Christian marraige retreats, couples retreat, individual retreat

Retreat fees are $100.00 (Canadian) per hour of therapy planned for the retreat. 

Book your Christian Retreat

To book a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the total cost of the therapeutic hours is required.  (If, for some reason you cannot attend a booked retreat your nonrefundable deposit can be used as a credit anytime in the next 12 months toward a retreat, phone or in person sessions.)

To book phone (416) 234-1850 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada local number or 877 854-3990 (USA or Canada number).

Payment for your Retreat

The deposit can be paid by PayPal or other means such as wire transfer.

The balance, 2/3 of the total cost is due at registration.  This may be paid by cash or travelers checks. 

What to expect from your individual or couple retreat

Therapeutic retreats are custom fit to your needs so as to achieve your goals a effectively as possible.  You may tape record sessions, take notes, etc. 

Full retreats involve 6 hours per day of therapy.  Mini-retreats involve 3 hours per day. 

Almost always individuals find that a professional retreat with George (see: Christian counsellor) is well worth the investment and the results far exceeds their expectations.  As a general rule: intensive therapy (on a retreat) is even more effective than spaced sessions.  In the more concentrated retreat format there are less interuptions, results accumulate, trust can build deeper than in weekly spaced sessions.  

Therefore retreats often bring breakthroughs - fundamental changes in attitude, understanding, behavior patterns, relationships or identity.  See: testimonies.

12 to 24 hours is suggested for an individual retreat to allow for an emotional breakthrough.

18 to 30 hours is suggested for Christian marriage retreats to allow for a marital or couple breakthrough.

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George Hartwell is a Christian counselor who provides: Christian counseling personal therapy retreats for individuals and Christian marriage counselling intensive retreat and couple retreats.  George's therapeutic retreats are for individual and couple work and are not the same as a marraige weekend for groups.

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