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Costs of Individual Retreat or Marriage Retreats

Phone 877 854-3990 or
in Toronto, Ontario phone (416) 234-1850) for up to date information about fees.

Professional Fees for intensive marriage or individual retreat with George Hartwell M.Sc.

The fees for the exclusive professional time of George Hartwell M.Sc. is billed at $100.00 (Canadian) per hour of planned therapy.

In advance a nonrefundable deposit is required.  In general this is 1/3 of the total fees for your retreat.

If, for some reason you cannot attend a booked retreat your deposit is a credit that can be used over the next 12 months for retreat or other services such as phone counselling.

Location options for Christian counselling retreat

A simple option follows the practice of John Regier.  You attend three hours per day at my office over a week: Monday to Friday.  Total hours is 15.

A second option is to plan for six hours per day over a weekend  including either the Friday or the Monday.  Total hours is 18.  This may be at my office or a retreat location outside of Toronto that we mutually agree on.

What to expect during your individual or couple retreat

The retreat is a prayerful time - if that is what you want - and that means that we start and finish with prayer and it means we prayerfully include God in the life transformation process.

The retreat is a listening time.  This means that I am to focus listening on you and to you to hear what you want and discern how to get there.

The retreat therapy is not a pre-scheduled program.  This means that we can be flexible in how we use the therapeutic time.  For couples this means that if it is more constructive to meet with me alone for a session we can do that; but, generally, I will try to work with a couple as a couple.

The schedule usually is composed of three hour sessions.  The three hour sessions often include a break around mid-point.  The exact schedule will be worked out closer to the time.

What outcomes have others experienced during their  individual or couple retreat

Everyone has found that a professional retreat with me is well worth the investment. Sometimes beyond their highest expectations.

Retreats have brought about significant confrontation of issues, clarity, and often breakthroughs - fundamental changes in attitude, understanding, behavior patterns, relationships or identity. I have a very positive feeling about what can be accomplished in a retreat.

Most often an emotional breakthrough is achieved after 12 to 18 hours of an individual therapeutic retreat.  Couples find clarity or a breakthrough in 15 to 30 hours of a couples therapy retreat.  See testimonies.