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          Board of Reference

   for George Hartwell - Christian counselor

  • caring and compassionate Christian counsellor

  • 40 years clinical experience
  • Masters degree from University of Calgary
  • accountable to a board of reference
  • mentored in professional Christian counseling

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My Board of Reference: persons of good repute, who know and trust me. You may contact them to confirm information on this site.  You may contact them if you have been to a retreat and want to provide feedback to them.  This is accountability.

Chairman of the Board of Reference  

       Father Terrence McKenna is the Roman Catholic chaplain at Pearson International Airport where he can be reached at (905) 676-9560. Terry is Chairman of the Board of Reference.  He has attended seminars, retreats and accompanied clients in sessions with George.  Terry and I have been in a small prayer group / accountability group together for 7 years.  Father McKenna has observed my counselling sessions, my facilitation of pastor retreats and my teaching sessions.

Members of the Board of Reference 

      Kathryn Richardson: her business, Prime Times Strategies (416) 247-6464, offers consulting services in communications and advocacy for health and human serves organizations. Kathryn is Past President of the Central Ontario Branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.  Mrs. Richardson has observed counselling, teaching and my leadership of a mentor group.

          Garey-Wayne Riichardson is an actor, teacher, entrepreneur.   He can be reached at  (416) 247-6464. Garey-Wayne knows George through his leadership in men's ministry and on the Toronto Task Force for Promise Keepers in Canada.

       Margaret Sprenger. Margaret has worked with youth groups, Telecare, and co-ordinated Ontario Fetal Alcoholism Support Network.  She has known George for 25 years as a Bible study leader, fellow elder and on a committee that planned a Lay Witness Weekend at Alderwood United Church.  Margaret also participates in training events on Christian Prayer Ministry lead by George.  She participated in a seminar series on Life Transformation written and lead by George on the books of John and Paula Sandford.

        Ann DeCasseres has experienced living her Christianity in the corporate world and individually making a difference one person at a time.  She is familiar with George as a member of a congregation where George lead an Alpha group, was on leadership teams and head of ushering.  You may e-mail makinadifference (at)

Often during or after a retreat I request evaluations in writing.  At some retreats a member of my Board of Reference may contact you by phone or in person for verbal feedback.  This provides accountability for my therapeutic process and safety for you.

Recent ministerial reference:

“I would recommend George Hartwell as one of the finest and most effective Christian therapists I know. George is an experienced Christian therapist who uses prayer and the Word of God in a caring and compassionate way. To me he is a true Christian Therapist who uses spiritual techniques in a skilled way to bring people to wholeness in Christ.”

Minister of Pastoral Care and Counselling at a Toronto Church.  You can contact me for this minister's name and phonenumber.

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