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Discovered blocks to healthy marriage and developed inner healing prayer therapy for these.

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George Hartwell's holds a Masters degree and over 30 years experience providing marriage counselling.  His Christian Marriage Retreats provide concentrated therapeutic resource to one couple at a time.

Taught effective use of listening prayer therapy in Christian prayer counselling sessions

Leanne Payne listening prayer therapy

Focus: the presence of God

Leanne Payne: Teaches inner healing through the presence of God; has written The Healing Presence and Listening Prayer. I have attended her equipping conference. Leanne Payne teaches the importance of listening prayer and practicing the presence of God. She supplies some important insights and theological foundations to inner healing.

Taught effective Biblical approach to listening prayer - listening for God's truth to deal with core misbeliefs


John Regier

John Regier - a mentor of mine - makes effective use of listening prayer in his Biblical counselling work with Christian couples. John Regier provides a couple with a week of therapy - five days, 3 hours a day - from his office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. His waiting list is several months. You can visit his Caring for the Heart Ministries website at

Taught key personality, character patterns and the significance of the human spirit to life transformation.

John and Paula Sandford - also mentors of mine - teach inner healing as a form of forgiveness of sin; have written the Elijah Task, Restoring the Christian Family, Transformation of the Inner Man and Healing the Wounded Spirit. As faithful pioneers they put life transformation in sound evangelical theology.

Art taught Sandford material and listening prayer and provided demonstrations of its effectiveness during his workshops.

Art Zeilstra: A Christian counselling service in Ontario that uses prayer counselling. Art dedicated himself to teaching the Sandford's approach as I did in the 1980's and 90's. I credit him with introducing me to Ed Smith's (TheoPhostic) work. He pioneered bringing the Third Generation of inner healing to Ontario.

John Paul Jackson is a healthy prophetic voice.  His one book is 'worth its weight in gold' for any church or person undertaking 'spiritual warfare'

 "Needless Casualties of War" written by John Paul Jackson is an essential manual for the new spiritual warfare - for spiritual warfare where the spiritual warrior does not get taken down by the powerful counter-attack. Learn where not to go in spiritual warfare and how dangerous it is to step out of the safe place where you are hidden Christ.

Neil Anderson taught that there are healthy alternatives to traditional pentecostal 'power encounter' deliverance work.  That helps because I use alternatives to 'power encounter' deliverance.

Neil Anderson and Freedom in Christ Ministries introduces a new approach to the deliverance ministry.  As an alternative to 'power encounter' deliverance, Neil Anderson introduced the use of the truth encounter. His focus is on understanding our identity in Christ. See his books which includes: The Bondage Breaker and Victory over Darkness. I took this course and taught this material as well. I use the "Jesus Encounter" as an alternative method of deliverance.

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