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Life Transformation Prayer Therapy is a set of principles and procedures that can be used by qualified Christian counselors and therapists to bring inner and emotional healing to individuals in professional Chrisitan couseling.

Wherever individual root issues are undermining a marriage relationship then such problems in marriage can be effectively addressed using Christian prayer therapy.  I have identified 10 specific core issues and unhealthy personality patterns that undermine marriage and prayers that Christian prayer therapists may use to address them.  YOu will find these under these titles:  1.  The Right to be Right,  2.  Self image as Idol,  3.  King of the Castle,  4.  Here Comes the Judge,  5.  Savior No More (Rescuer),  6.  Autonomous Mind,  7.  Partner on a Pedestal,  8.  Release Expectations,  9.  Cut Umbilical Cords and 10. Need to let Go

Life Transformation Prayer Therapy has been effectively applied to many significant life issues because it uses a healing encounter with God to change unhealthy personality patterns.  With the tools of Life Transformation Therapy a professional can provide significant support to the treatment of:

Life Transformation Prayer Therapy is Cost Effective:

Life Transformation Prayer Therapy  proceeds quickly with less pain, less time and less total cost. Some people are shocked, some pleasantly surprised by how much is accomplished in so little time. A typical comments is: "As our week on retreat progressed, we were amazed at the ease and speed at which we found ourselves being healed of strongholds and root issues."

LIstening prayer and Christian Prayer Therapy address Core Issues:

Inner healing moves us beyond insight counselling to core belief therapy.  We know from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that dealing with core beliefs is a very effective counselling strategy.   However there is a difference in method for tackling core beliefs.  In LTT (Life Trasnformation Therapy):

Some Life Transformation Prayer Therapy Principles

The following are some of the principles of Life Transformation Therapy which is used in the context of professional Christian counselling and prayer therapy.  For a fuller outline see Prayer therapy principles:

  1. Let the Holy Spirit guide the therapist.

  2. The therapist provides the process or method of encountering God's healing presence.
  3. God's presence is the key to the emotional healing and life transformation.
  4. Discover a simple root issue to be the focus of listening to God. 
  5. Root issues always involve core beliefs - sometimes learned in pain, trauma and dysfunction.  Negative ccore beliefs generate negative feelings, addictive behaviour and poor self-image problems.
  6. Core beliefs are transformed through an encounter with Jesus - the Way, the Truth and the Life.   'His very word spoken to me' - His truth that sets us free - is effective in dealing with the thoughts and intents of our heart, i.e. core beliefs.
  7. After dealing of core beliefs and transforming personality patterns a positive identity emerges.

Why use Life Transformation Therapy for a Christian intensive therapeutic Retreat?

An intensive Christian therapeutic retreat is generally recognised as concentrating therapeutic time to create maximum impact. An intensive therapeutic retreat also enhances the impact of therapy by reducing distractions, removing you from your normal routine, lifting responsibilities off your mind, heart and soul. All your energy can be focussed on the emotional work.
Providing Life Transformation Therapy at an intensive therapeutic retreat will further enhance the couple or individual benefits.  For more about benefits see:

Fun with Life Transformation Prayer Therapy Benefits:

Just for fun, let these penguins demonstrate the benefits of Life Transformation Prayer Therapy:

  • Brings mental, emotional and spiritual health.

healthy relationships from inner healing Ontario retreat

  • Produces results with speed.

  • Goes deep.

deep inner healing at Ontario retreat

  • Produces results that are stable.

  • Brings peace with God.

penguin watches sunset on Ontario retreat

  • Increases one's intuition.

  • Brings comfort to the broken hearted.

penguin comfort at an inner healing Ontario retreat

  • Reduces stress and anxiety, leaving one more secure and confident.

Ontario retreat - inner healing teaches to release

  • Teaches one to release things - to 'let go and let God.'

Testimonies about Life Transformation Prayer Therapy:

"You've changed. You are softer; more agreeable. You are more soft spoken." Skeptical husband about his wife.

Wendy wrote to me:
    "I had struggled for years with these feelings:  vagueness, confusion, misunderstanding, anger, sadness and insecurity to name but a few.  I guess I was surprised that I could have an encounter with God so easily and that He was so willing to heal me right then, right there.
   "I realize now that I had an incomplete understanding of God and who He was and looking back, a great deal of unbelief about what God could do and wanted to do.
   "I believe George's faith has been and is instrumental in Listening Prayer Therapy.  It is he who guided me and instructed me in how to listen to God and to have the same faith in what I was experiencing.
   "I always thank God for George and how he has helped me and my family.  He is able to lead me through my confusion and distractions to an encounter with the Living God in whom there is abundant life and healing!  Praise God!" 


complete inner healing is permanent healing

   'God's very word spoken to us' is very thorough and complete in removing and replacing old belief patterns. There are no hidden roots that spring up later like the severed root of a dandelion living to bloom another season.

   For more about the Biblical Basis of Life Transformation Therapy see Biblically based Christian counselling

   For more about    

George Hartwell M.Sc.

Developer of Life Transformation Therapy

Christian marriage retreats couple retreat

More about George see Credibility


Leanne Payne provides a foundation to Inner Healing and Listening Prayer - practicing the Presence of Christ.  Leanne Payne, of Pastoral Care Ministries, learned to practice the presence of God as the way toward healing. She says: "I was learning to see the invisible with the eyes of my heart, to hear the inaudible with the ears of my heart. In other words, I had come to rely on God's Healing Presence with His people." (The Healing Presence, page xv) For more about Leanne Payne.


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